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Standardized Patient

Thank you for your interest in becoming a standardized patient in the MSM Standardized Patient (SP) Program. This program is designed to help our medical students develop and refine their clinical history taking and physical examination skills.


Standardized patients are local citizens trained to carry out the role of patients by presenting a medical history with signs and symptoms of physical conditions or diseases. Standardized patients discuss their symptoms and signs of disease or disorders with students. Through these interviews and /or physical examinations, medical students learn how to communicate with patients in a situation that does not require use of an actual patient.

Interviews and physical examinations with standardized patients are just a few of the methods for teaching clinical skills and measuring the abilities of medical students and doctors in training. These simulated interactions help students demonstrate, practice, learn and improve techniques which allow them to derive more accurate diagnosis.

Cultural Competency

Standardized patients come from diverse backgrounds and expose students to important cultural issues. Thus, these kinds of interventions may strengthen a student’s identification and understanding of the physical, social, emotional and cultural impact of illness.


Standardized patients are trained to rate the students' interviewing and performance using a checklist of history and physical exam skills specific to each case. Communication skills are assessed and rated as well. In addition, experienced instructors may observe the standardized patient interview and physical exam to evaluate clinical skills and recommend improvements.


Standardized patients are paid an hourly rate for their services.


To qualify as a standardized patient, you must meet the following criteria:

  • American citizen and/or have legal status to work in the U.S.
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Available for training on case(s) prior to participation in the program
  • Available to participate in minimum of four (4) taped sessions
  • Dependable and timely for assignments
  • Skills in working with people and/or diverse populations


Equipment Usage Policy


Please print and complete the Standardized Patient Application and fax or e-mail to:

Janice Hall, Ph.D. 
Director and Patient Trainer
Clinical Skills Center
Morehouse School of Medicine
Office: (404) 752-1145