Program Overview

 ThompsonThe Department of Physiology provides educational programs for medical and graduate students. Graduate students and postdoctoral research fellows receive research training in several areas, including: reproductive endocrinology, cancer biology, gastrointestinal pathophysiology, cardiovascular molecular biology and cellular physiology. 

The primary goal of the department’s educational program is to impart knowledge of basic physiological concepts that can be applied in the practice of medicine or the conduct of biomedical research. 

-Winston Thompson, Ph.D.

Chair, Physiology

Research Spotlight

Faculty members within the physiology department have also established individual and collaborative research programs in the areas of: cardiovascular physiology, reproductive endocrinology,cancer biology, metabolic disorders and the pathophysiology of gastrointestinal diseases

Faculty conduct basic science and translational research in MSM research institutes and centers, such as the Cardiovascular Research Institute, the Atlanta Clinical and Translational Science Institute, and the Neuroscience Institute.

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