Program Overview

Wineski The Department of Pathology and Anatomy supports the institutional mission by providing programs in teaching and research. Our goals are to educate students in the biomedical sciences and advance understanding of the causes, mechanisms of development, morphologic and functional effects, and outcomes of disease states. Faculty members collaborate in teaching across the medical, physician assistant, and graduate curricula.

Lawrence Wineski, Ph.D.
Chair, Pathology and Anatomy

Research Spotlight

Faculty members are strongly committed to educational excellence in the biomedical sciences, thereby contributing to the training of future generations of highly qualified scientists and health care professionals. Faculty participate in independent and collaborative scholarly activities with a focus on development, design, and delivery of innovative curricula, electronic-based educational media, distance education, and didactic methodology. Additionally, faculty contribute to development and recruitment of students in STEM fields by participating in pipeline programs, including addressing connections with the d/Deaf community.

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