AUCC SHWC Immunization Records for Compliance

The AUCC SHWC will house all Immunization Records for Compliance for Clark Atlanta University, Morehouse College, and Morehouse School of Medicine.

All students are required to submit proof of immunizations completed by a health care professional. Only students who are compliant with the university immunization policy will have access to course registration and residence hall room assignments. Once you have obtained all documents for compliance you will need to upload them into the Point and Click Student Portal.

For more information about Point and Click see the “Patient Portal” Tab.

Please click on the appropriate link below to start the process of submitting your Immunization Records for Compliance for your school:

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Morehouse Logo
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Point and Click Immunization Tutorial


The AUCC allows exemption from vaccinations for medical or religious reasons.  Proper documentation must be provided.  Below are the exemptions forms for each institution. Please complete the appropriate form and upload to the Point and Click Portal under the “Downloadable Forms” Tab. 

  1. Medical exemption forms must be completed, signed, dated and office stamped by your primary care provider.
  2. Religious exemptions must be completed by your faith leader on letterhead, signed, dated and notarized. 
  3. Failure to provide satisfactory documentation will lead to your exemption being denied by Compliance.
  4. Please allow 10 business days for review of your documentation.
  5. You will receive notification via the Point and Click Portal if your exemption has been approved or denied.

Clark Atlanta University

Morehouse College

Morehouse School of Medicine

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I check to see if I am compliant with my immunization requirements?
    1. Sign into your Point and Click Patient Portal
    2. Click on the Medical Clearances Tab.
    3. You should see all green compliant check marks under the status column if you have completed all the required items. If any items do not have the green compliant check mark you are not compliant in that category.
    4. At the top of the page there is an Overall Clearance Status. If this has a green check mark and says satisfied, you are cleared.

    Medical Clearance Example

    **Please note: if you are a MSM student in a clinical program, you must upload records to BOTH Point and Click and ACEMAPP for compliance. 

  • What do I do if the overall clearance status does not say Satisfied?

    This means you are not medically cleared. 

    1. Please review the list of clearances to identify what is missing.
    2. Check your Messages tab to see if you have received a message from our clinic regarding what is missing.
    3. Review the requirements for your school listed on our website by clicking on the logo for your school above.
    4. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact our office via phone or email.

Please Note:
It is imperative that we get your immunization records updated in the Point and Click Student Portal before the deadline, so that it does not affect your ability to register for classes, housing, rotations, any holds on your account, or access to the network system.