Chemical Safety

Responsible for maintaining compliance with all applicable regulations to ensure the safe handling and management of chemicals and hazardous substances on the MSM campus.

Disposing of Waste

If you have hazardous waste that needs to be disposed of, an online form is available to request a pickup. Hazardous Waste Form. Email the form back to our office once completed. When preparing to make a waste pickup request remember to allow two working days for the disposal to be completed. Please ensure that hazardous chemicals are segregated. Please see attached biohazardous waste chart for proper disposal guidelines. Ensure that all labeling and marking are properly completed and easily visible and that the waste is in a safe accessible location. EHRS takes the management of hazardous wastes on campus very seriously. Please refer to the Laboratory Waste Disposal Guide for waste disposal and segregation.

Chemical Fume Hoods

Fume hoods are properly designed and operated to provide adequate user protection against volatile hazardous materials. EHRS completes fume hood inspections in the laboratories annually, each fume hood will have an EHRS inspection label affixed to them. If you have questions regarding your fume hood, please contact EHRS.

Chemical Release Concerns

If you notice any chemical odors or smells, please contact EHRS immediately.

*Please contact Charles Bynum to schedule New Hire Safety Orientation Training and Annual Refresher Training.


Contact Us

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Associate Director
Radiation Safety Officer
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Safety Specialist
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