Comprehensive Approaches to Reimagine Health Equity Solutions (CARhESTM)

Advancing Health Equity in Precision Medicine

Many communities face unique health challenges, which are often made worse by limited access to advanced medical treatments and therapies. Morehouse CARhES is an initiative providing solutions that aim to tackle health disparities and make precision medicine available to all.

Facilitating Research

Providing Access to Precision Medicine: Morehouse CARhESTM will provide free, cutting-edge genetic testing to
identify potential health risks specific to your genes.

Contributing to More Inclusive Data Insights: By including Black and Brown communities in research, this program helps create a more complete picture of human health, leading to better treatments for everyone.

Early Detection and Disease Prevention: Identifying multi-omic risk factors allows for earlier disease detection and prevention measures, leading to better health outcomes.

Informing Medical Decisions: The program will gather realworld health data to help doctors make better treatment decisions for all patients.

Open Studies