Featured Projects

Some recent highlights of the Research Division's work are featured below: 

Priority: Measure the functions and impact of the primary care system on health and health equity and translate and test these measures in real world settings. 
Our body of work on developing a practical measure of interpersonal continuity for chronic disease management was presented at the North American Primary Care Research Group Annual Meeting in Chicago in November, 2018. Dr. Gaglioti’s presentation titled "Interpersonal Primary Care Continuity Among Medicaid Enrollees with Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions Varies Widely Among Racial Subgroups and by Place and is Associated with Lower Health Care Costs" was awarded the International Prize at NAPCRG. She was invited to present this work at the Society for Academic Primary Care Annual Conference at the University of Exeter, UK.  

Priority: Understand complex drivers of spatial, temporal, and subpopulation variation in health outcomes and processes that impact health inequity and support resilience. 
The Research Division’s forthcoming paper in the special Geospatial issue of Preventing Chronic Disease applies a novel approach to identifying groups of US Counties with distinct temporal trends of mortality rates.

Priority: Develop measures that accurately reflect the health of populations and the primary care system. 
The research division published a paper in The Journal of Asthma entitled “Individual and county level predictors of asthma related emergency department visits among children on Medicaid: A multilevel approach,” that identified multilevel factors that contribute to disparities in asthma outcomes among Medicaid enrollees. This paper found the most significant modifiable factor contributing to asthma health disparities among a 29-state sample of Medicaid enrollees was proper use of asthma controller medications.