CARES Act Financial Reports

Student Aid Portion (a)(1) Reports

Ty Cobb Scholarship

Ty Cobb Educational Foundation

Eligible recipients must be residents of the state of Georgia who have attended medical, dental, law or veterinary school and have demonstrated financial need.

Renewal awards are based on merit and financial need. Scholarships are normally awarded for a period of one academic year. The amount of the awards varies.

Deadline date for all forms and information is March 1. The transcript must be official and must include grades of the current spring semester.

For further information contact:

Ty Cobb Educational Foundation
P.0. Box 937
Sharpsburg, GA 30277

George and Pearl Strickland Scholarship

Scholarships are provided to assist deserving low income students in obtaining a college education. Applicants must be a Georgia resident and enrolled or accepted for enrollment at Morehouse School of Medicine.

Selection is based on a candidate's demonstrated financial need and potential for success in his or her chosen field. Academic records, co-curricular and community activities, work records, character references and other achievements deemed to have predictive value are required for evaluation during the selection process.

The amount of the award varies each year with the opportunity for renewal. Applications must be received by the Metropolitan Atlanta Community Foundation by February 15.   A limited amount of applications are available in the SFAO.

Merit Scholarships

Normally awarded to entering M.D. students recommended by the Admissions Committee. Continuing M.D. students are awarded based on prior commitment to previous scholarship recipients, provided the student fulfills their end of the scholarship agreement. The agreement regarding annual renewal of the scholarship is outlined in the scholarship letter. All students receiving Merit Scholarships are not guaranteed an annual renewal. The renewal is based on available funds and other stipulations outlined by the Scholarship Committee. Merit recipients are recommended by the Admissions Committee. Other merit recipients are selected by the Scholarship Committee.

 Georgia Board of Healthcare Workforce Loan Repayment Scholarships 

The GBHCW offers service commitment loan repayment programs for medical practitioners.  The various programs assist in paying any debt incurred for tuition, fees, and other expenses associated with the completion of eligible medical degrees for practitioners who agree to practice full-time in an underserved, rural county in Georgia with a population of 50,000 or less. 

Eligible applicants must meet the following qualifications along with additional criteria outlined on the website:

  • Georgia resident
  • Enrolled or accepted for enrollment at an accredited four-year medical school in the United States offering a medical education program leading to the M.D. or D.O. degree.

Please review the link provided below to gain more information on the available loan repayment scholarship opportunities.  Contact information is also provided within the link. 

Georgia Board of Healthcare Workforce

National Health Service Corp (NHSC)

These competitive support-for-service scholarships will pay the tuition and required fees for the academic year and provide a monthly stipend for 12 months. For each year of the scholarship support, the recipients owe 1 year of full-time primary health care services in a health professional shortage area, where assigned by the NHSC. There is a 2-year minimum service obligation.

Preference for these awards will be given to applicants who have:

  • previously received NHSC scholarships
  • participated in the Federal "Scholarship Program for Students of Exceptional Financial Need" at their medical schools
  • come from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • characteristics that increase the probability they will continue to practice in Health Professional Shortage Areas after they complete their service obligations.

For additional information, contact NHSC at 1(800) 638-0824 or stop by the Student Fiscal Affairs Office.

Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program

The Armed Forces provides financial assistance to medical students in return for active duty in the Air Force, Army, or Navy. The Armed Forces pay full tuition and fees, books and supplies and a monthly stipend for 12 months. For each year of the award, students must serve one year in the Armed Forces. Applicants are selected based on academic performance, leadership potential, faculty recommendations and a strong commitment to practice as a medical officer.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • United States citizen
  • enrolled or accepted for enrollment in an accredited medical school in the U.S., Puerto Rico, or any U.S. territory
  • physically and morally qualified
  • sign an agreement that they will complete the program, accept commission in the appropriate service, and accept an internship in a military institution

For additional information, contact your local Armed Services Office.

Policy on Receipt of funds from corporations, foundations, and individuals for specific students

Morehouse School of Medicine needs and deeply appreciates funds which are donated to the institution for the purpose of defraying the costs of education for students. In fact, the school has declared financial assistance to students as one of its highest priority needs.

From time to time the question arises as to whether an individual can donate funds to the school with the understanding that the funds would be granted by the school to a specific student and that the donor would be able to enjoy a tax advantage through the donation. Morehouse School of Medicine cannot participate in this activity because it violates Internal Revenue regulations, is against the law, and would jeopardize our non-profit status.

The school has also adopted a policy of not accepting funds from corporations and foundations which are given with the understanding that they be granted to a named student. Morehouse School of Medicine is very pleased for individuals, corporations and foundations to specify the criteria that the school is to use to assign funds to students. Criteria may include such items as academic performance, documented financial need, size of hometown, specific geographic origin, to name a few examples. The school is able to assure each donor that funds will be distributed according to the donor criteria by the Scholarship Committee.