Doctor of Medicine Admissions FAQ

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding our M.D. Program admissions process. 

  • What are the minimum academic requirements for the MSM M.D. Program?
    By the time of enrollment all applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree, MCAT score, and have completed all required coursework.
  • Which Bachelor’s degree is required to enter the M.D. Program?
    The MSM M.D. Program does not require any specific Bachelor’s degree major. We suggest that you major in an area that is of interest to you. If it is not a science related major, we strongly suggest that you use your non-major electives to take as many science-related courses as possible. This will help to show the admissions committee that you do have an aptitude for the sciences, and may help to prepare you for academic success in the M.D. Program.
  • I know that at least a Bachelor’s degree is required, but is there specific course work that is also required?

    Yes, the MSM M.D. Program has specific course requirements to enter the program. These courses include:

    • Biology with lab (one year)
    • General Chemistry with lab (one year)
    • Organic Chemistry w/laboratory (one year)
    • Physics w/laboratory (one year)
    • College-level Mathematics (one year)
    • English, including composition (one year)
  • Is there any way that an applicant can enter the M.D. Program without taking the MCAT?
    Unfortunately, no. All applicants for this program are required to take the MCAT exam within 3 years prior to acceptance into the program. For example, an applicant would have to take the MCAT in 2021, 2022, or 2023, to be eligible for consideration for the class beginning in July 2024.
  • Will the MSM M.D. Program accept applicants who are currently participating in upper level degree programs such as Master’s, Ph.D., or other professional-level degrees?
    Applicants who are currently accepted to a Ph.D. or other professional-level degrees are required to complete all degree requirements prior to matriculation to the M.D. Program. We highly encourage those accepted to a Master’s degree program to complete that program prior to matriculation into the M.D. Program.
  • Does the MSM M.D. Program plan to accept transfer students into their program?
    Transfer admissions are rare. However, applications are accepted from students in LCME accredited U.S. and Canadian schools of medicine, who are currently enrolled, in good academic standing, have the full approval of the dean of their current school, and a cogent reason for requesting transfer. Admission is contingent upon space availability therefore; academically qualified applicants can still be denied admission due to lack of space. The School of Medicine does not accept applications for advanced standing from students attending foreign medical schools, osteopathic or veterinary schools. MSM does not accept applications for transfer beyond the second year.
  • Will online course work be considered in the application process for the MSM M.D. Program?
    We prefer all courses to be classroom based, however we do accept online math courses and AP courses only if they are displayed on your academic transcript from your undergraduate institution.
  • Does the MSM M.D. Program plan to accept international students?
    We only accept U.S. Citizens and Permanent Resident Aliens with a “green card” in their possession. We will not process any application that does not meet these requirements.
  • How can I prepare myself to become a competitive applicant for a seat in the M.D. Program?
    This really begins during your freshman year of college, and sometimes earlier. It is important to work closely with your undergraduate advisors and Premed Advising Office. These resources will help you understand academic requirements and provide suggestions for constructing your academic program. Taking the proper courses in the proper sequence should allow you to be prepared to take the MCAT at the earliest possible time. Optimally, students prepare to take the MCAT during the spring of their junior year in college.
  • When does the application process for medical school begin?
    Most M.D. Programs which are accredited by the LCME use AMCAS as the initial application to the M.D. Program. AMCAS provides applicants with a single-source application for all participating M.D. Programs. The AMCAS application is usually available in May of each year for completion and submission by the end of that calendar year. The AMCAS application must be submitted in the calendar year prior to the year that an applicant desires to attend an M.D. Program. For example, an applicant who desires to begin medical school in July 2024, may begin their AMCAS application as early as May 2023. Applications to the MSM MD program must be submitted by December 1, 2023, at the very latest for a Fall 2024 enrollment.