Ting-Chung Suen, Ph.D.

Ting-Chung Suen, Ph.D. 


Pharmacology & Toxicology

Location: Research wing D-319
E-mail: tsuen@msm.edu


The University of Texas School of Biomedical Sciences at Houston
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy in Tumor Biology  

National Taiwan University
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Zoology

Research Interests

Regulation of Rev-Erb proteins degradation and their roles in circadian biology


  • Suen, T.-C. and Goss, P.E. (2001) Identification of a Novel Transcriptional Repressor Element Located in the Intron 1 of the Human BRCA1 Gene. Oncogene 20:440-450
  • Owens, B.M.*, Zhu, Y.X.*, Suen, T.-C.*, Wang, P.-X., Greenblatt, J.F., Goss, P.E., and Hawley, R.G. (2003) HOX11 Can Repress Transcription but Functions as a Transcriptional Activator to Block Hematopoietic Differentiation. *Equal Contribution. Blood 101: 4966-4974
  • Suen, T.-C. *, Tang, M.-s., and Goss, P.E. (2005) Model of transcriptional regulation of the bi-directional transcriptional unit of BRCA1-NBR2 Genes. *Corresponding author. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Gene Structure and Expression 1728(3): 126-134
  • Arslan, A.A., Gold, L.I., Mittal, K., Suen, T.-C., Belitskaya-Levy, I, Tang, M.-S., and Toniolo, P. (2005) Gene expression studies provide clues to the pathogenesis of uterine leiomyoma: new evidence and a systematic review. Human Reproduction 20: 852-863
  • Li Q, Suen TC, Sun H, Arita A, Costa M. (2009) Nickel compounds induce apoptosis in human bronchial epithelial Beas-2B cells by activation of c-Myc through ERK pathway. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. Mar 1;235(2):191-198.
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